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Make an Appointment The Profession Professionals working in business and information management serve as a communication bridge between those who implement information systems technology and the business end users of these systems. They apply business skills and technology to make sound business decisions and drive strategic vision and actions. The field requires a solid understanding of business practices combined with an understanding of the role information systems play within an organization.

Intro to business

I18nGuy Home Page Introduction Here are example web pages that demonstrate the use of the Unicode Character Standard to Intro to business names and places from anywhere in the world, in any language.

Unicode is therefore the best choice for a database character set for companies that do business internationally. Unicode is also useful for creating multilingual documents, or simply to print forms mailing labels, tickets, invoices that might address customers of any ethnicity by their native name and location, anywhere in the world.

The example data is formatted as a table which includes the birthplaces and native names of celebrities actors, singers, sports figures, etc. Only Unicode can be used to produce this list, store the names in a database, or address mail to everyone on the list. The table also provides the English transliteration of the name and location to help you recognize the native names and places.

The example now comes in several forms, each form is on its own web page.

Intro to business

The table of examples below lists each version with a link you can use to access it and a description. This page displays best if you use Netscape 6. Use IE 6, Mozilla 1. Looks good under Opera 6 except for Bhutan.

Examples using Unicode UTF-8 characters You can view the Unicode example usage for business applications, without installing special fonts, etc.

Intro to business

Example using Ruby Annotation This is the BMP example reformulated as a 2 column table and using Ruby Annotation to indicate the English transliteration of each table entry.

Currentlyit looks like neither Opera 6, or Netscape 6. It looks ok with IE 6, although I wish I could control the height of the annotation over the base text. This page was recently changed to xhtml 1.

You can still view with IE. The file is zipped as unicode-example-utf8. The data can be useful for testing Unicode applications or to demonstrate the value of using Unicode for different purposes. Currentlythe example works with IE 5.

Even the RTL Etruscan! However, Etruscan is not displayed RTL. CurrentlyOpera 6. Currently Netscape 4. IE 6 doesn't seem to support UTF yet.

This page uses supplementary plane 1 characters encoded as UTF This is a little experiment on the use of the keyword meta statement and the lang facility.


To Submit Additional Examples If you would like to submit additional examples for languages or regions not already represented here, send an email to Tex Texin with the information for each field. If you send data that is not already in UTF-8 encoding, please be sure to state the code page or encoding that you use.

It may take me a few days to respond. At this time I am only adding examples that show off characters or other aspects of Unicode that are not already represented. If the display does not seem correct to you: Setting up Windows to support surrogates Displaying the Examples: It is downloadable, but is not freeware.

See the mail from Chris Pratley about licensing and downloading it.You want to become an entrepreneur or to make your mark in the corporate world. But there’s only so much you can learn from a textbook, especially when it comes to business. The 4 financial statements: an introduction.

Note that the premium on the issuance of stock is based on the price at which the corporation actually sold the stock on the market. A Digital Certificate is an electronic secure "password" that allows a person, Organizaion to exchange data securely over the internet using PKI.

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