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I can think of 3 possibilities.

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Tweet Flashback to the Commonwealth Games. Manika Batra is headed to the Gold Coast. She Looking for work confident and well-prepared. The Delhi girl has promised her coach that she will bring home a medal.

She is leading the women's team. It starts off well for her.


The India women's team is in the final, expectedly. But to beat giants Singapore is not expected. The first match is between Tianwei and Batra. The Indian is downbut then she turns it around in a manner suited to a typical Bollywood hero.

She does the unthinkable and beats the World No 4.

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It sets the tone. It was constantly revolving in my mind that I have to win the medal. I was really positive during the CWG and not a single negative thought entered my mind. Is there a way to stop Batra?

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The next day, she creates history again, beating two Singapore girls on the trot three overall in space of two days including the World No 4 again to clinch India's first ever medal in women's singles at the CWG, making it special with a gold.

She is already Indian table tennis' poster girl by now. She takes her medal tally to four with a bronze in mixed doubles with Sathiyan Gnanasekaran next day. She leaves Gold Coast with the most medals by a single Indian at the Games, and her opponents befuddled with her unique style of play.

The eleven days at the Gold Coast are a story of tremendous self-belief and perfect execution. A star is born. Sport has the power to change lives. It changed Batra's in those eleven days. People started recognising her she is happier because people have started recognising the sport.

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There were reams written about her achievements. Endorsements started flowing in. You are Manika Batra? So it's an amazing feeling.

And because of that, I brought home the medals.

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Fast-forward to the Asian Games: Blank Another big game. Dust off the past from the mind. It's time for a new start for Batra. And the Delhi girl is not getting too far ahead of her. But there will be some really good players participating. I am practising hard with my coach.

My goal is to reach till quarterfinals, because no Indian woman has reached that stage and at the Asiad, playing a quarter-final or semi-final is also a big thing.

So my aim is to reach the quarters and semis," Batra says. The year-old paddler has had a decent run this year starting with the CWG. I would like to keep the same mindset as I had before the CWG.Many seniors are stuck with lives of never-ending work—a fate that could befall millions in the coming decades.

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