Magnificence by aida ford essay

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Magnificence by aida ford essay

I received a hard copy of this piece from Tita Lacambra-Ayala, who had unearthed it from her files but we do not have the date when it was written.

The nadir is yet to be reached. How do we rise above these trying times? The resiliency of Filipinos is best manifested by our ability to face the greatest shock with humor.

But humor alone or escapism will not solve the situation. Is there really hope for us? What can I say to you?

In youth, my generation had the experience of looking up to leaders like Quezon, Osmena, and Roxas; of being part of a system where the leaders made it possible for training of others to take over as leaders.

I cannot say the same for the present system.

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Neither in bureaucracy nor in education. My generation also had the experience of facing up to a World War with its patriotic fervor and its deprivation of freedom; with its high excitement in moments of risk and its fears and anxiety and tragedy of loss of property and loved ones.

I lost a brother in Capas and my father was in and out of the Kempeitai. But through all this there was hope that we would regain the freedom that we so palpably missed—the freedom to express ourselves without fear of repression or disappearing without a gasp or trace into the night.

In retrospect, the war was a crucible that crystallized values. What were the things one cannot do without? What are the things worth risking life and property for? Then we had the experience of rehabilitations. We plunged into abaca production and ramie, relying on government promises of a steady market.

What the experience taught us was that we should not rely on whatever pet project the government advocates. What succeeded in post-war Davao was hard work and endurance; private enterprise and the Chinese concept of setting aside working capital, never drawing on it for clothes, cars, expensive houses.

What was meant for farming or business was kept intact. Only then could we compete with the Chinese—by emulating the Chinese way of life. The experience of studying abroad gave me added insights on the nature of my own identity. By contrast and through what we miss do we gauge the Filipino in us.

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I had the exhilaration of winning a major prize in fiction from the University of Michigan. Then after getting married I had the experience of a sojourn in Korea, a war-torn country split artificially into the Communist North and the supposedly Democratic South.

Korea in was as depressing as its coal-blackened buildings and the suicidal look on the faces of the people due to tyranny and corruption in government.

When I revisited Korea intwenty years after my sojourn there, I saw tremendous progress, unusual change from an individualistic, pushy way of life to one of order and organization; from corruption as a way of life to a disciplined society.

I learned that teaching by example is still a very effective way in education.Apr 05,  · Labels: magnificence alfon, Magnificence by estrella d. alfon, magnificence estrella alfon, philippine literature.

1 comment: Jaz Villas February 26, at PM. Love in the Cornhusks (Aida Rivera-Ford) The Chieftest Mourner (Aida Rivera-Ford) Dark (Delfin Fresnosa). 4. the us colonial rule (, ) 5. the japanese occupation () 6. contemporary period (). Argumentative Essay Word Count: MAGNIFICENCE by Estrella Alfon SUMMARY A man who is thought to be gentle and kind comes to the house of the two children to tutor them with their schoolwork.


Magnificence by aida ford essay

create a literary work in a form of poem essay and critical paper which will be from FINANCIAL at Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad. Women are oppressed economically, politically, socially, and psychologically is reflected in the “Love in the Corn Husk” by Aida Rivera-Ford ; “Magnificence” by Estrella Alfon ; “The Visitation of the Gods” by Gilda Cordero-Fernando and “ The Virgin” by Kerima Polotan-Tuvera.

Aida Rivera-Ford. Alfon is still easily identifiable in her first-person reminiscences of the past: evacuation during the Japanese occupation.

The impression is that although she shares the sentiments of .

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