Pecan street project

Resources What is the talk about? The city of Austin proposes to lead the nation in developing and deploying smart grid technology that sends energy where it is needed most, allows household appliances to communicate and distribute demand, and provides other efficient solutions. About our presenters Brewster McCracken Mr. McCracken is president and CEO of Pecan Street, a research and commercialization institute focused on the utility industry and headquartered at The University of Texas.

Pecan street project

We must have tools that empower the consumer to choose their products and monitor their usage wisely. Texans are a practical, penny-wise people who I think will be happy to learn how to save a few bucks on their power bills with the common-sense advice at TexasIsHot.

By just reducing the amount of electricity we use and waste, TexasIsHot. Kirk Watson D-Austin "Fluctuating energy costs are really hurting Texas families and businesses, but by just making a few easy changes, Texans can cut down on energy waste.

Rodney Ellis D-Houston "Texas is the third fastest growing state in the nation with a net growth of 1, people each and every day. This brings many challenges including providing clean and affordable electricity.

That is why I'm excited about TexasIsHot. This website is an instructional resource that will help Texans save on their energy bills at home and in the workplace Phil King R-Weatherford "Now, more than ever, Texans need to work together to conserve energy and to make more efficient use of the energy we consume.

I would encourage everyone to take a moment to explore the TexasIsHot website to learn what we can all do to make Houston, and the rest of Texas, the green and energy efficient example for the rest of the nation. Partnering with the TexasIsHot Coalition will help us educate citizens and local businesses about energy-efficient practices in order to meet our goal of reducing residential and commercial electric use.

Energy efficiency is by far the best way for people to reduce their bills and help the environment, but we need education and outreach to make this happen. I applaud the efforts of Corpus Christi and TexasIsHot to help businesses and residents reap the benefits of increased efficiency.

I applaud the TexasIsHot Coalition in their effort to educate Texans about the benefits of energy efficiencyHistoric Brunswick, the official Pecan Capital of Missouri and a rural destination, offers opportunities to experience native pecan farming, the art of quilting, and all that Missouri’s 4-season nature and outdoor activities have to offer.

Pecan street project

The original, over-sized galley kitchen was inefficient and lacked the architectural character found in the rest of the home. Without changing the footprint, we were tasked with creating thoughtful storage, bar seating, counter space and usable work zones, and increasing the amount of natural light and view.

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A look into what could be the future of America’s energy grid is on the screen of Bert Haskell’s iPhone. Haskell, technology director of the Pecan Street Project Inc., a clean-energy consortium, is in a home in Austin’s Mueller development, where a program on his iPhone is monitoring the home’s energy use.


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