Rencontre femme quebecoise gratuitement

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Rencontre femme quebecoise gratuitement

Thank you, Madam Secretary, and good morning. Working together, we are able to develop the necessary expertise to better identify and communicate on the key issues in accessible media. We educate our members and other stakeholders with the goal of collaboration and full participation in ensuring access to all media.

We continue to grow and expand to include all disability organizations representing and serving the interests of Canadians with disabilities. The history of tangible benefits for accessibility has left us rather sceptical about the commitment of BCE to our interests.

Rencontre femme quebecoise gratuitement

It is vital to understand this background in order to appreciate our concerns about the possibility of BCE becoming the most powerful media enterprise in this country and the extent to which it can be trusted to look out for the interests of the accessibility community in administering the tangible benefits arising out of this takeover process.

We did not actually receive any details from BCE of their views on accessibility or their plan for tangible benefits until 2 p. As a result, our filing lacks much of the detail we would have included with greater lead time.

In any event, we very much appreciate the opportunity to be Rencontre femme quebecoise gratuitement today. BCE plans to allocate no further funds towards accessibility from the tangible benefits arising over this transaction but will rely on the funds previously allocated during the CTV acquisition.

The stakeholder organizations have been excluded from the process. And yet inwith no fund established, BCE is using the prospect of the BAF to argue against the further allocation of resources to accessibility in this takeover. This would be like using an unpaid tax liability to argue that the Canada Revenue Agency should give you a break on this year's taxes.

In fact, without the services they simply cannot participate in the exchange of ideas that is vital to our democratic society.

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Conservative estimates are that some 25 percent of the population is blind, low vision, deaf or hard of hearing. And then there is the growing seniors population. English as a second language and French as a second language students use captioning to help them acquire language proficiency.

Closed captioning is widely used in sports bars, gyms and on live billboards. In fact, statistically, more hearing Canadians use captioning than non-hearing.

It is safe to say that closed captioning benefits Canadians without a disability as much as, if not more than, disabled Canadians. Yet, the audio books market suggests that there may well be opportunities.

We are the innovation; we are the leaders and we have once again been ignored. I will invite you to ask us about that number later. We can speak to that at the end.


We feel strongly that the approach to accessibility taken in the package is short-sighted and misguided. Further, if a producer puts video description in their budget, this, too, will be funded. This substantially increased the volume of closed captioning.

This single or small volume buy is the most expensive way to caption or describe programming, a tremendously inefficient way to use precious accessibility resources.

Good morning and congratulations, Mr. Tibbs, on your recent election. That person was on holidays for a couple of weeks and then in the last week we played telephone tag right up until 2: We weren't contacted or had any detail.

It's my understand that groups that want a particular outcome in terms of the potential benefits packages generally immediately start conversations when they know a deal is in the negotiations and so even before that you weren't -- because this transaction goes back to well before November, did you make attempts to influence the benefits package?

I guess to give you some context as to why that wouldn't happen, all of us are volunteers, we do this as best we can when we can, and so we have been tremendously focused on the Broadcasting Accessibility Fund and trying to push that forward and, quite frankly, we are not as aware as we could have been certainly, and should have been, of what was going on with Astral.

So, quite frankly, we were surprised that we hadn't heard from anyone. I had it on my list in any event.Valérie est une femme très gentille,très à l'écoute. Ma motivation principale est la rencontre et c'est pourquoi je vous accueillerai en toute simplicité dans ma maison.

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