World peace and nonviolence

It was poignant that in when reuniting the two branches of Presbyterianism resolving and transforming two entities into one church, recommended that the session of each congregation adopt a Commitment to Peacemaking.

World peace and nonviolence

World March for Peace and… 2nd World March for Peace and Nonviolence With the premises of the 1st World Marchthat crossed 97 countries and five continents in 93 days, a second World March for Peace and Nonviolence has been planned.

To denounce the dangerous world situation with growing conflicts, increased spending on weaponry while, in vast areas of the planet, many populations suffer from lack of food and water.

To make visible the various positive actions that people, communities and populations are developing in many areas towards the promotion of human rights, non-discrimination, collaboration, peaceful coexistence and non-aggression. To Give voice to the new generations, who want to take over and leave their mark, by setting up the nonviolence culture in the collective imagination, in education, in politics, in society … In the same way as the environmental awareness has been set up in few years.

It is estimated that the 2nd World March will cross more than countries, and that hundreds of thousands of activists will take part in this global action. Proportional disarmament and the renunciation by the states of using war to resolve conflicts or to appropriate resources. The creation of conditions for an entirely sustainable planet, since it is a limited area that we absolutely must deal with.

No discrimination of any kind: Nonviolence as a new culture and active nonviolence as a methodology of action.The term "nonviolence" is often linked with or used as a synonym for peace, as the International Decade for the Promotion of a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World.

Ethical. For many, practicing nonviolence goes deeper than abstaining from violent behavior or words.

World peace and nonviolence

It means overriding the impulse to be. Anti-War Songs. I started this page in July of with the intention of providing only positive, uplifting, inspiring songs to promote world peace and understanding among all people, which is . Important Peace education material and lesson plans on conflict resolution, non-violence, september Nonviolence International is a (c)(3) tax exempt organization in the USA, registered as a non-profit organization in good standing in the District of Columbia.

World peace and nonviolence

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The Catholic Nonviolence Initiative, a project of Pax Christi International, the Catholic peace movement, affirms that active nonviolence is at the heart of the vision and message of Jesus, the life of the Catholic Church, and the long-term vocation of healing and reconciling both people and the planet.

This bold effort was launched at the Nonviolence and Just Peace Conference held in Rome. World Peace and Non-violence. Ganadhipati Tulsi. Society consists of innumerable individuals having a common bond. That bond is mutuality. Plurality constitutes collectivity, but mere collectivity does not become society without the bond of mutuality.

The World March for Peace and Nonviolence